You have many ways to lower excess cholesterol levels naturally. If you are just finding out that your levels are high, cholesterol lowering drugs or “statins” may help you significantly and keep you out of immediate trouble. But in the long run these can be dangerous for you, as they may cause liver and immune problems, general weakness and also weaken the muscles, among other risk. It’s like anything else, with a benefit and a risk ratio. Working with your physician, you should try to optimize your health as opposed to depending upon drugs to get your through in the long run.

Here are some natural options that lower your cholesterol:

1) Lifestyle changes away from sedentary.
2) Reducing stress.
3) Exercise to amp it up.
4) Giving up smoking (this is a HUGE no-brainer).
5) Diet.

And a magic secret tip which can help: Drinking more water.

How can you do that?

1) Lifestyle changes:

* You have to eat balanced food, like fresh fruits and vegetables.
* Olive oil and Fish oil in your diet is very important and very useful for your health.
* Stay away from eating hydrogenated oil and processed food.
* Fast food is very dangerous as it is full of bad fats and salts and with no calories.
* Cookies, cakes, muffins contain sugar and unhealthy fats.

So you have to stay away from these poisons to improve your health. It may seem inconvenient at the beginning but you have to adapt to this routine.

2) Reducing stress:

The best way to reduce your stress is by starting to add some beneficial tools to your arsenal, like bio-feedback, meditation and going out to have some time to relax in any way that helps you feel that way.

Reduce caffeine intake especially in soda and coffee in excess.

3) Exercise:

Exercise can help you to reduce your stress and it is one of the most important things to improve your health and lower your cholesterol level. This may mean at least walking everyday or more if possible.

4) Giving up smoking:

It is the most important thing you have to do for yourself and for the people you love. By giving up smoking, your good Cholesterol (HDL) will increase naturally.

5) Diet:

The closer you can get to a Mediterranean Diet, the better. This is a very tolerable and tasty healthy diet. A more aggressive approach would be to become vegetarian.

Some healthy food tips:

* Good fats and oils like (Olive Oil ,Fish Oil or Krill Oil even better).
* Fresh vegetables and fruits.
* Fish (mercury free).
* Grapes and Orange juice.
* Legumes.
* Curry.
* Avocados.
* Garlic.
* Blueberries (they are so useful, they are fruits but in a class by themselves).
* Nuts and Seeds.
* Oats and soluble fibers.

Stay away from:

* Caffeine.
* Wheat.
* Red meat.
* Muffins.
* Soda.
* Alcohol.
* Fast food.
* Cookies.
* Canned or prepared food.
* Refined sugar.

Here are some supplements that can help in improving your health:

* B complex.
* Vitamin C,E,D.
* Coral Calcium.
* Fish Oil (mercury free or even better are Krill Oil and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel oil.
* Plant Sterols.
* Policosanol.
* Magnesium.

Don’t hesitate and make all these changes in your lifestyle to go through a positive way to improve your health without spending money on Cholesterol drugs in the long run. Again, please work with your physician and DO NOT start of stop drugs on your own.

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