More people are becoming aware of their own PERSONAL health and fitness needs in these modern times. Everyone is different! As part of this new awareness of a persons general health is the realization that cholesterol level is very important and having the correct level can reduce your chance of killer heart disease.

The first thing to do is to get tested properly and find out what your cholesterol level is and then finding out importantly the difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is known as LDL Cholesterol the LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein. The good cholesterol is known as High Density Lipoprotein. If you have too much LDL, too high of a total cholesterol, too low of an HDL level and you are overweight or have heart disease in your family, your have some emergency work to do on yourself PRONTO! Genetics play a role, but you can do a LOT with diet and exercise.

The best course of action is to examine your diet and generally reduce the amount of fatty substances that you eat. Start by laying off the desert menu. Taking Omega 3 supplement daily fish oils have a very good effect on reducing your LDL Cholesterol. If you eat a lot of cold water fish, that is even better but beware of this. Don’t eat farm raised fish, because they are usually full of steroids and artificial feed and VERY low on Omega 3 fatty acids because they don’t feed on marine plankton and algae. On the other hand, beware of buying fish or supplements that have a high mercury level. Heavy metal pollution has become a bigger problem. How do you know? Well, it can be hard to tell from the average supermarket fish counter. So, an alternative is to take Omega 3 supplements with the best sources being lower on the food chain: Krill and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. Some take or eat plant based sources of Omega 3, which helps towards balancing the anti-inflammatory diet, but is known to be less effective than marine Omega 3 as far as heart health. Take both….it won’t hurt.

When you go shopping spend a little bit more time in reading the labels and if you are not sure what a product is research it and find out how good it is to eat and will it provide you with healthy sustenance or be bad for you. If there are tons of preservatives and chemicals you can’t pronounce on the label, it may not be good for you. Getting to an organic balanced diet and understanding your body’s processes can really help in maintaining a healthy heart and a longer more enjoyable lifestyle.

In general, the close you can get to a Mediterranean Diet, the healthier you will be. Of course there are more aggressive diets, which include a vegetarian diet, but harder to hold to, especially if you enjoy eating out. However, please, whatever you do, try to move away from the super-sized SAD diet. SAD = the very sad and pathetic unhealthy Standard American Diet.

Work with your doctor and nutrition expert. Depending upon your personal situation and lab findings there are VERY specific dietary recommendations and highly specialized diets that help control cholesterol.

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